Mergers & Acquisitions

The Mergers & Acquisitions advisory business is at the very core of our effort in building a world-class investment bank. Great M&A ideas are often a result of imagination, creativity, and thinking out-of-the-box that, in turn, requires deep industry insight. This is where we strive to add value for our clients.

We have recently seen a significant rise in cross-border transactions and transactions involving A-share listed companies. Typical situations we have worked on include:

•   Acquisition of private Chinese target companies by A-share companies
•   Acquisition of foreign target companies by A-share companies, Chinese conglomerates, and private equity players
•   Acquisition of Chinese target companies by foreign companies and private equity players
•   Merger and consolidation of two major players in the same space

Sellside Advisory

The key to a successful sellside process lies in the creation of buyside competition. We know how to get this done. Our deal team will help our sellside clients identify the right buyers, and foster favorable buyer dynamics in order to obtain the best terms for our selling clients.

Buyside Advisory

Buyside mandates begin with an acute understanding of the buyer's strategic objectives. We will put our market insight and broad industry coverage at work when helping our clients find the most suitable targets both in and outside of China.